Prelude to Anarchy

visions of tyrants of cutthroats and traitors
mystics who call for the end of the world
darkness descending on kingdoms and nations
born in the shadows a terrible curse

the sky is falling forever falling

black mass of witches of clergy and nobles
tempting damnation and risking the fall
feeding their lust with the unholy harlot
ride with the devil until the **** crows

through the village cross the killing fields
open warfare upon the land
no survivors from this brutal attack
where is god when the sun has blacked out

beyond the mountain beyond the seas before the kings

flaming arrows fly through the sky
striking fear with demon fire
under flags of genocide
they sleep in hell this night

vicious men are passing judgment with the sword
watching over all as our planet burns

through the valleys of death I will fear no evil


March of the Black Death

beyond the gates before the graves
torch lit streets of death and agony
behind the door a dreadful sight in store
the last remains of the final reckoning

in the dead of night
the carts are passing by
red marks the black threes no turning back
judgment and distress gods day of wrath
the fight of mortal men against this pestilence

curse the day dark and grey
the smell of human flesh as it burns away
the sickness glares a breathless fate ensnares
reaching from the depths of darkest hate

repeat chorus

hear them marching underground
mounting numbers kingdoms fall

repeat chorus


Beyond these Citadel Walls

when the stars begin to fall
and the moon has turned to blood
only a moment to reflect then turn from
this cursed place
has the end of time begun
a year without a sun
blackened crops from a dying earth
escape this wicked world

I’ve seen them killing without end
sacrificing the very soul of man
beyond the mountains
where the summit meets the sky
threes a place on the other side
far from this siege

when the winter winds are born
the frost has come once more
devastation in its wake
another soul another death
trapped within these castle walls
waiting for the fall
barbarians at the gates
mankind on the brink

repeat chorus

and when the walls come down
all hells unleashed
upon the blood stained stone
they plead
know that the queen is dead
the king has fled disgraced
upon the sword she meets her end

creation damnation mankind
slowly descending

repeat bridge


The Cleansing/In the Wake of the Storm

know that the cleansing is over
and witness the plagues departure
swept by the winds and downpours
washing the blood and filth away

darkness to light
a future uncertain
before the dawn
the curse is undone

kingdoms still lost in shadow
crumbled to dust and trampled
ravaged by flame and famine
speaking to death as if by name

darkness to light
a future uncertain
before the dawn
the curse is undone

pray for redemption
forgotten and shamed
mankind has faltered
the voice in the rain denied

before the dawn
into the void they fall
vengeance and hate
the riders go on

bringer of knowledge
seekers of truth
leaders in science
physicians regroup rethink

before the dawn
for the enlighted ones
into the mist
the riders are gone

phantoms and specters
walk this night
dancing with death for all times

repeat chorus

all is calm before the dawn
the curse undone

In the wake of the storm


Fear of the Mountain People

The witch is riding
A strange mist is rising
amidst the mountainside
a shadowy man already condemned
has been seen the last few nights
outlined by moonlight
casting a spell so dark
the figure stands with ageless hands
come to kill

Fear of the mountain people rise
protect against the evil

Twisted faces stare
upon a familiar fate
before them stands a holy man
who's beyond the angels grace
cursed by daylight
stalking the starlit night
unholy rasp his soul has left
a reward for his past life

Fear of the mountain people rise
protect against the evil eye
from underground the serpent speaks
impale the corpse while it sleeps
drive it deep

repeat chorus

impale the corpse before it climbs
out into the dead of night
under the mystic sky
the evil speaks


Tara-Pilgrims in an Unholy Land

He stood on the mountain
and looked down upon them
with his staff he pointed to Tthe sky

no magic circles, no casting
shadows or spells
with a word commands the forces

They tried to deny them
and bring down the flame
they tried to scale the heights
he cast them to the waves, away

repeat chorus

return to the mountain
and relight the flame
a mission continued
the pagan and the saint

double chorus

the man on the mountain
the man on the emerald mountain
catching rainbows in the dark


Freedom Call

ride with me and will
forge a new future
beyond the sea
where the sun burns untainted
for us son threes a chance at redemption
regain your soul
and reclaim your name

its a long long road to heaven
for the righteous and the brave
and for the common warrior
a place in the kingdom

overlay vocal

how many miles to Jerusalem
two days and nights
we will march on
through the dragon storm
our faith grows strong

vie come hear for redemption
to serve and protect to defend
to my last breath
in a war born from resentment
to defeat the foe of Christian dome
so on the hill I stood
where the Christ was sacrificed
on to my knees I look to thee
im just a man not immortal made of stone
im here at my own accord

I will fight not for glory
but for honor I would storm
the gates alone
with vengeances birth in the morning
by the evening my soul restored

repeat chorus

through beams of light
came the Syrian fate
riding hard against the desert flame
warriors staring into grace
making war the cost of peace and victory

double chorus