Black Clouds over Stonehaven 


In this the year of our lord sixteen sixty six

We lay to rest Elizabeth Bartholomew

Beloved wife of Count Victor Bartholomew of Stonehaven



The rain keeps falling on this dark withered day

Storm clouds keep rolling onward from behind the window pane

With the rising mist she fled to the cliffs and stared at the waves

In the eye of the storm her courage was worn

As she jumped to her death


At the crossroads of time she chose her own fate

By suicide

She’s abandoned by God beyond the grace

I felt her pain just when they took her head


By holy law she will be damned disgraced

Force to walk alone for eternity

Beyond the light of dawn unto the shadows realm

Until the days of days when she returns


The rain keeps falling beyond the grace



 Between the Shadows and the Dawn




The wind never has blown so cold

Through the ice and snow that covers the coastal shore

As I remember that somber day

When my world was lost to tragedy


From now on you and I are the greatest of enemies

I will never walk in your light

From now on the blackest arts will lead the way

Its between the shadows and the dawn


The night brings forth the harvest moon

As I lift her up from under the earthly dirt

My love yes I will carry you down below

To the sacred tomb


Repeat chorus




Damnation be Damned




Into the black I've fallen weeping ten thousand tears

Angels and demons do battle inside my heart and my head


Circling skies witches in flight the passage has opened


Between the heavens and Hades I’ve searched through the pages of books

Learning the secrets and rituals I give my allegiance and oath

Grant my beloved a new life reverse this tragic mistake

Hear my strains of sorrow heavy my heart and my breath




When Death Cries




Strange wings in flight I’ve seen in my dreams

Caught in between the shadows and doubt


Through darkness she roams searching for an open door

To eternal peace


Through darkness she roams searching for an open door

To eternal peace

I’ve done all I can I hope he understands

And let us love again


In this world and the next strange wings in flight




Screams from the Battlement



From the sea  I saw a ghostly  scene

A mystical dream with Charon at the helm


What have you sent me who is this changeling

One soul for another black magic daughter inserting the pins

Death has betrayed me with a vision so haunting


Look to visions of the past the years are staring at

Two lovers by the sea

There a portrait painted black the mirror reflecting back

A fool who finally sees

At the point of no return inside the vengeance yearns

I’m holding back the fates

My mind has twist and turned thoughts are quite disturb

In the end ill burn


Blind no not forever by her guise maiden in love

Is the harlot of lies

Dark are my dreams no silence nor peace

Into the fire the gaze is to deep

Behind these walls she must remain until I die

Ill hear  her scream

Day into night night into day

Answer her death before she drives me insane




Caught between Two Lands



Roman legions scaling the mighty Alps

Destined for death and glory retake the holy town


See them marching see them marching to hell

Into battle with vengeance and cold steel

See them dying see them down on their knees

As the victor spits in their face


Descend into shadow through tunnels

That leads to a gate

At the edge there’s a river where the ferryman awaits


You’re heading nowhere your heading nowhere fast

Into limbo you’re caught between two lands

As you wonder passing spirits and ghosts

Then you stumble forever lost in the dark


Remember the cold steel coming down on the back of your neck

You’re walking in circles holding your head in your hand


You curse all Gods and devils spirits beasts and man

Before a stunning river your journey has come to an end


Repeat chorus




March of the Witchfinder


Through the streets of filth and danger

Holding on these retched creatures

Forced to march the straight and narrow along the path of strict reprisal

Within the church the cracks are showing

Now the pope cries out for mercy feeding lies to regain power

All will fear the great witchfinders name


In the forest their hunting seeking and searching

From village to town the evil has spread Lucifer’s spell

Fanatics are shouting bring forth the cleansing no one is safe

From the gaze of its stare


Into the coven the virgin is bleeding twelve witches stand

As the thirteenth repeatedly stabs

Vengeance awaits them in dungeons and courtyards

Confessions be damned over the bridge the guilty will hang


Before the flames the village has gathered

Atop the hill the witch finder general

Screams of pain as the warlock burns

Beneath the realm where the devil dwells and reigns


Repeat chorus







Along a winding path she’s walked a thousand times

Beneath the giant oaks that reached up to the skies

A silent stranger stood and offered out his hand

They smoked the magic herb then flew to different lands

With twilight upon them they consummate in the evening breeze

Then suddenly he leaves


She lives on the highland see her move among the trees

Twisting shapes and casting shadows

Till the nightwing calls her name


They fly the dark horizon across the black mountainside

Illuminate in the moonlight they ride they ride

To the sacred sabbath site


She wakes with the sunrise

To the crowing of the cock

She is drenched in a cold cold sweat

Riding hard atop the horn


She stalks the distant highway weary travelers fall prey

Sacrifice the crossroads she strikes in the dead of night

Let the blood run down her face






On a haunting night mystic moon in flight

Over trouble seas the first of fall a cold wind comes

And fills my soul with fear

Phantom figures float the darkest ghost circles overhead

Cast an evil spell voices shriek and wail human flesh the seek


And as the ship sails on across the ancient sea

High above the mast a vision dark yet sweet


On this stormy night vengeful waves grow high

As the sirens strike men with nerves of steel

 Turn white and pale with feet of clay

In the haunted air voices call us near with a tempting song

Into an eerie fog before a shore of bone oh our darkest dream


And as the ship sails on across the ancient sea

High above the mast a vision dark yet sweet

An albatross has died and lays upon the deck

Dark beauties watch then start their final descent


And as the ship sails on across the ancient sea

High above the mast the vision of the day

The albatross which died still lays upon the deck

Only the rats remain to sail the sea alone